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Animal models of necrotizing enterocolitis
Mendez, Yomara Stephanie; Khan, Faraz A.; Van Perrier, Gregory et al

State of telemedicine use in pediatric surgery in the USA-where we stand and what we can gain from the COVID-19 pandemic: a scoping review
Metzger, Gregory; Jatana, Kris; Apfeld, Jordan et al

Prevention and control strategies for emergency, limited-term, and elective operations in pediatric surgery during the epidemic period of COVID-19
Tang, Daxing; Tou, Jinfa; Wang, Jinhu., et al.

Early prediction of acute kidney injury in neonates with cardiac surgery
Shi, Shanshan; Fan, Jiajie; Shu, Qiang

Severe liver trauma among pediatric patients in the Japan Trauma Registry
Aoki, Makoto; Abe, Toshikazu; Hagiwara, Shuichi et al

Neonatal acute scrotum: do not forget Amyand hernia
Guida, Edoardo; Del Rizzo, Irene; Galdo, Francesca et al

Perspectives on perioperative management of children’s surgical conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic in low-income and middle-income countries: a global survey
Truche, Paul; Bowder, Alexis; Lalla, Amber Trujillo., et al.

Do we control gastric residuals unnecessarily in premature newborns? AGRA study: avoidance of gastric residual aspiration
Akar, Selahattin; Turgut, Mehmet

Role of daily anal stimulation for intractable functional constipation in infants
Zhu, Tianqi; Sun, Xiaoyi; Zhu, Dan et al

Recommendations for control and prevention of infections for pediatric orthopedics during the epidemic period of COVID-19
Wu, Chunxing; Zhang, Zhiqiang; Mo, Yueqiang., et al.

Bleeding after suction rectal biopsy with Rbi2: identification of the root cause through a multi-staged approach
Corbett, Harriet J.; Jeeneea, Ramanand; Hennessey, Iain

Association of anesthetic and surgical risk factors with outcomes of initial diagnostic biopsies in a current cohort of children with anterior mediastinal masses
Halepota, Huma Faiz; Tan, Josephine S. K.; Reddy, Satish K. et al

Incidence of pediatric injury visits decreased while trauma surgeries remained stable during the first and second waves of the COVID-19 pandemic in Finland: a register-based study
Kuorikoski, Joonas; Kuitunen, Ilari; Uimonen, Mikko et al

Rare fatal complication of appendicitis in a child: pylephlebitis
Ammar, Saloua; Benameur, Hana; Ben Dhaou, Mahdi et al

Call for emergency action to limit global temperature increases, restore biodiversity and protect health
Atwoli, Lukoye; Baqui, Abdullah; Benfield, Thomas et al

Child access prevention legislative language and pediatric firearm injury rates
James, Bradford; Ben Khallouq, Bertha; Swana, Hubert

Use of a neoprene binding to reduce giant omphaloceles followed by delayed closure
Lelj-Garolla, Barbara; Campbell, Lorena; Kanungo, Jaideep et al

Acute pancreatitis revealing duodenal duplication in a child
Ammar, Saloua; Mansour, Manel Belhaj; Zitouni, Hayet

Outcomes of pediatric thyroidectomy: a cross-sectional evaluation
Azari, Sarah; Randolph, Jackson; Shi, Harry

The Paley ilioischial limb modification of the Dega osteotomy
Bor, Noam; Dujovny, Eytan; Rozen, Nimrod