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Current treatment for Wilms tumor: COG and SIOP standards
Wang, Jinhu; Li, Minju; Tang, Daxing., et al.

Perspectives on perioperative management of children’s surgical conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic in low-income and middle-income countries: a global survey
Truche, Paul; Bowder, Alexis; Lalla, Amber Trujillo., et al.

Do we control gastric residuals unnecessarily in premature newborns? AGRA study: avoidance of gastric residual aspiration
Akar, Selahattin; Turgut, Mehmet

Neonatal neuroimaging after repair of congenital diaphragmatic hernia and long-term neurodevelopmental outcome
Gunn-Charlton, Julia Kate; Burnett, Alice C., et al.

Prevention and control strategies for emergency, limited-term, and elective operations in pediatric surgery during the epidemic period of COVID-19
Tang, Daxing; Tou, Jinfa; Wang, Jinhu., et al.

Five different cases of ectopic testes in children: a self-experience with literature review
Joda, Ali Egab

Recommendations for control and prevention of infections for pediatric orthopedics during the epidemic period of COVID-19
Wu, Chunxing; Zhang, Zhiqiang; Mo, Yueqiang., et al.

Validation and modification of the ‘Chiang Mai University Intussusception scoring system’ used to predict failure of non-surgical treatment in infantile intussusception
Boonsanit, Kaimook; Kritsaneepaiboon, Supika; Chiengkriwate, Piyawan., et al.

CT quantification of ventricular volumetric parameters based on semiautomatic 3D threshold-based segmentation in porcine heart and children with tetralogy of Fallot: accuracy and feasibility
Xu, Jiajun; Tian, Yangfan; Wang, Jinhua., et al.

Comparison between hepaticojejunostomy and hepaticoduodenostomy after excision of choledochal cyst in children: a cohort study
Guzman, Johann Paulo Suico; Resurreccion, Leandro L., III; Suntay, Marcus Lester R., et al.

Postoperative complications of umbilical loop colostomy for anorectal malformations in neonates compared with the conventional abdominal stoma: a non-randomized study
Sakaguchi, Tatsuma; Hamada, Yoshinori; Shirai, Takeshi., et al.

Validity of Alvarado Score in predicting disease severity and postoperative complication in pediatric acute appendicitis
Chung, Patrick H. Y.; Dai, Kanglin; Yang, Zhen., et al.

Closing the gap of children’s surgery in Pakistan
Siddiqui, Simra; Vervoort, Dominique; Peters, Alexander W., et al.

Comparison of the use of Alvarado and AIR scores as an adjunct to the clinical diagnosis of acute appendicitis in the pediatric population
Musbahi, Aya; Rudd, Darren; Dordea, Matei., et al.

Acute pancreatitis revealing duodenal duplication in a child
Ammar, Saloua; Mansour, Manel Belhaj; Zitouni, Hayet., et al.