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Introduction to the Special Collection

31 March 2023 Congenital malformations and inflammatory infections are common causes of pediatric surgical diseases. Many diseases require surgical intervention in the neonatal period. Observational and experimental studies have established novel therapy strategies, mechanisms and treatments in neonates, which improved the development of neonatal surgery. This Special Collection aims to publish cutting-edge findings in the fields of Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), Biliary atresia (BA), Esophageal Atresia (EA), Congenital choledochal cyst, Omphalocele and Minimally Invasive Surgery/Robotic Surgery. Guest Editors Dr. Jinfa Tou Dr. Dengming Lai


Does time to theater matter in simple gastroschisis? Kathryn O'Shea, Rachel Harwood, Sean O’Donnell, Colin Baillie (31 August, 2023) Survey on surgical treatment of neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis in China 2022 Jiafang Gao, Dengming Lai, Jinfa Tou (8 August, 2023) Learning from parental experience in a neonatal surgical unit: a qualitative service evaluation Anna Littlejohns, Emile Crouzen, Rebecca Mernenko, Fiona Metcalfe, Waaka Moni-Nwinia, Hemma Chauhan, Bethan Johnson, Douglas McConachie, Elizabeth Lawson, Victoria Tricklebank, John G McElwaine, Gurdeep S Sagoo, Liz McKechnie, Gary Latchford, Jonathan Sutcliffe (10 July, 2023) Congenital diaphragmatic hernia survival in an English regional ECMO center Elizabeth O'Connor, Ryo Tamura, Therese Hannon, Sundeep Harigopal, Bruce Jaffray (27 April, 2023) Epidemiological characteristics of live births with esophageal atresia in Sao Paulo State, Brazil, from 2005 to 2018 Emilli Freitas Silvestri, Eduardo Jamil Farah Oliveira, Marcela Chiedde, Edige Felipe Sousa Santos, Mauricio Giusti Calderon (28 December, 2022)


Umbilical cord sparing technique of umbilicoplasty in infants with giant omphalocele Peng Wang, Jinfa Tou (3 July, 2023) Laparoscopic treatment of patent omphalomesenteric duct: a new surgical approach Chanjuan Zou, Bo Li, Yong Xiao, Guang Xu, Renpeng Xia, Ming Li, Yong Feng, Chonggao Zhou (17 February, 2023)