Table 1

Population characteristics and clinical measurements (n=131)

Patient characteristicNumber (%) or mean (SD)*
Demographic variables
 Male72 (55.0%)
Gestational age (wk)24 (20–32)
Ethnicity (n=33)
 Caucasian19 (57.6%)
 Aboriginal3 (9.1%)
 Asian3 (9.1%)
 Black8 (24.2%)
Size of the fetuses or neonates
Autopsy weight (g)540.0 (257.5, 1720.5)
Body mass index6.9 (3.7)
Foot length (cm)4.5 (2.1)
Crown-heel length (cm)32.4 (12.0)
Clinical variables
Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR)26 (19.8%)
Large for gestational age (LGA)4 (3.1%)
Congenital anomalies35 (26.7%)
Gastrointestinal anomalies17 (13.0%)
Multiple pregnancies14 (10.7%)
Maceration29 (22.1%)
Intestinal length
Small intestinal length (cm)147.7 (82.7)
Large intestinal length (cm) (n=130)30.6 (17.7)
Appendix length (cm) (n=37)1.9 (1.2)
  • Frequency and percentages are provided for dichotomous variables and mean and SD are provided for continuous variables unless specified.

  • *Mean and SD were used except for autopsy weight and gestational age, defined as median (IQR).

  • IQR, Inter-quartile range; SD, Standard deviation.