Table 1

Demographic and surgery data

Group S (n=35)Group N (n=35)Group M (n=35)P value
Age (y)6.9±1.46.6±1.56.7±1.60.681
Weight (kg)23.5±4.923.1±5.723.6±5.40.914
Height (cm)122.8±7.9120.5±12.5118.5±12.40.270
Gender (F/M)18/1719/1619/160.962
Duration of anesthesia (min)75±10.872.4±11.172.3±12.10.571
Total intraoperative fentanyl consumption (µg)22.1±7.122.6±6.622.7±6.60.934
M-YPAS preoperative28.3±6.526.5±6.226.1±3.40.360
Operation type, n
Inguinal hernia182120
  • No significant differences were noted among the groups.

  • Data are shown in mean±standard deviation (SD) if not indicated.

  • F, female; Group M, music; M, male; M-YPAS, Modified Yale Preoperative Anxiety Scale; N, noise; S, silence.