Table 3

Pediatric Anesthesia Emergence Delirium (PAED) score values between the groups

Group S
Group N
Group M
P value
PAEDAfter extubation10.7±3.410.0±3.99.1±3.70.179
Postoperative 5 min10.4±3.48.7±2.69.6±3.70.123
Postoperative 10 min9.7±3.08.6±2.08.9±3.10.385
Postoperative 15 min8.4±2.98.2±2.77.1±2.70.462
Change from after extubation to postoperative 15 min2.3±2.81.8±4.92.0±4.20.968
  • No significant differences were noted between the groups.

  • Data are shown in mean±standard deviation (SD) if not indicated.

  • M, music; N, noise; S, silence.