Table 1

Analysis of reports on pediatric Monteggia equivalent lesion (group I)

Case numberAuthor, yAge (y), gender (M/F)Lesion descriptionSketchManagementOutcome
UlnaRadiusRadiocapitellar joint
1Ruchelsman et al,8 20055, MOlecranon fracture´╝îminimally displacedRadial neck fracture, anterior displaced;Anteriorly dislocatedfigure 2-IOR, Kw*2Fair at 6-mon follow-up
2Xu and Ye,9 202011, FProximal ulnar occult fractureRadial neck fracture, anteriorly angulatedChronic anteriorly dislocatedfigure 2-ICR*2; osteotomy, ESIN (radial neck) and Pt (ulna)Good at 1-y follow-up
  • CR, closed reduction; ESIN, elastic stable intramedullary nailing; F, female; Kw, K-wire; M, male; OR, open reduction; Pt, plate; Sw, screw.