Table 1

Patient characteristics (76 boys, all with endoscopic diagnostics)

Trabeculation during cystoscopy
Total (n=76)Severe (n=33)Mild (n=33)None (n=10)
Age at diagnosis (mon), mean/median25.03/14.131.5/1221.4/1522.2/15.5
Age ≤3 mon at endoscopy, n9810
Diagnosis <12 mon of age, n (%)25 (32.8)16 (48.5)8 (24.25)1 (10)
Trabeculation on VCUG and false positives, n6229267
No trabeculation on VCUG and false negatives, n14473
Bladder wall abnormalities on sonography, n191153
Unsuspicious bladder wall on sonography, n4919237
Vesicoureteral reflux, n (%)50 (65.7)20 (60.6)23 (69.7)7 (70)
  • VCUG, voiding cystourethrography.