Table 4

Adjustment of the antibiotic strategies for the treatment of NEC

GroupAntibiotic regimenFrequency, n (%)
1Carbapenems as a first choice122 (43.0)
Step up to carbapenems after deterioration135 (83.3)
2Glycopeptides as a first choice54 (19.0)
Step up to glycopeptides after deterioration48 (20.9)
3AAAs (metronidazole/ornidazole/clindamycin) as a first choice100 (35.2)
Add AAAs after deterioration13 (7.1)
4Antifungal therapy included in the initial combination4 (1.4)
Add antifungal therapy after deterioration5 (1.8)
  • AAAs, antianaerobic agents; NEC, necrotizing enterocolitis.