Table 3

Multiple logistic regression of factors involved in RAP

VariablesOR (95% CI)P value
Meet all three AP diagnostic criteria
 Y7.438 (1.346 to 41.103)<0.001*
 Y6.652 (1.989 to 22.247)<0.001*
Abnormal amylase/lipase on the seventh day of hospitalization
 Y3.601 (0.972 to 13.342)<0.001*
Fasting time (d)1.267 (1.104 to 1.583)<0.001*
  • *Statistically significant.

  • AP, acute pancreatitis; CI, confidence interval; N, no; OR, odds ratio; RAP, recurrent acute pancreatitis; SIRS, systemic inflammatory response syndrome; Y, yes.