Table 1

Characteristics of all enrolled children

Sex (male)*44 (45.8)
Age (y)†7.8±4.2
 Idiopathic56 (58.3)
 Choledochal cyst/choledochectasia24 (25.0)
 Biliary calculi8 (8.3)
 Postabdominal surgery3 (3.1)
 Pancreaticobiliary maljunction2 (2.1)
 Hyperlipidemia2 (2.1)
 Systemic lupus erythematosus1 (1.1)
 Abdominal pain94 (97.9)
 Vomiting58 (60.4)
 Fever15 (15.6)
 Jaundice8 (8.3)
 Diarrhea2 (2.1)
 Constipation1 (1.0)
Onset time (h)‡24.0 (12.0–72.0)
 MAP90 (93.7)
 MSAP2 (2.1)
 SAP4 (4.2)
Hospitalization time (d)†11.9±5.0
Serum amylase and/or lipase ≥3 times the upper limit*84 (87.5)
Imaging showing evidence of pancreatitis*76 (79.2)
Serum amylase (U/L)‡362.5 (158.5–781.0)
Serum lipase (U/L)‡771.0 (232.2–1490.8)
WCC (×109/L)†11.8±5.1
CRP (mg/L)‡2.4 (1.0–11.6)
Fasting time (d)†7.6±3.2
SIRS*15 (15.6)
Abnormal amylase/lipase on the fourth day of hospitalization*49 (51.0)
Abnormal amylase/lipase on the seventh day of hospitalization*19 (19.8)
  • *Classification variables were presented as counts (%).

  • †Continuous variables (normally distributed) were presented as mean±SD.

  • ‡Continuous variables (non-normally distributed) were presented as median (IQR).

  • CRP, C reactive protein; IQR, interquartile range; MAP, mild acute pancreatitis; MSAP, moderately severe acute pancreatitis; SAP, severe acute pancreatitis; SD, standard deviation; SIRS, systemic inflammatory response syndrome; WCC, white cell count.