Table 4

Risk factors associated with intraoperative hypothermia

Risk factorsOR (95% CI)P value
Gender (male)2.110 (0.922 to 4.830)0.077
TBSA1.068 (1.029 to 1.109)0.001
Duration of operation0.992 (0.981 to 1.004)0.181
Perioperative intravenous (infusion) fluid1.031 (0.996 to 1.066)0.080
Age >3 y and patient receiving intraoperative active warming4.351 (0.535 to 35.360)0.169
  • P values are obtained by multivariable logistic regression analysis.

  • P values in bold are considered statistically significant.

  • CI, confidence interval; IV, intravenous infusion; OR, odds ratio; TBSA, total burn surface area.