Table 3

Correlation of multiple variables with full/good functional recovery versus partial/poor functional recovery

VariablesMean (SD)Full functional recovery (n=21)Poor functional recovery (n=3)P value
Age (y)8.5 (2.9)0.11*
 Pain, paralysis21
 Pain, pulselessness, paralysis10
 Paralysis, pulselessness10
Mode of injury
 Fall from height500.73*
 Intravenous infiltrate20
Etiology (prior treatment)
 Tight oil bandage610.86‡
 No treatment/SC humerus fracture152
Time from injury to fasciotomy (h)
 ≤24 150<0.05†
 >24 63
Pressure measurement
 Clinical parameters1421.0‡
 Pressure measurement test71
Associated injuries
 SC humerus23<0.05†
  • *t-test.

  • †Fischer’s exact analysis.

  • ‡χ2 statistics.

  • RTA, road traffic accident; SC, supracondylar; SD, standard deviation.