Table 5

Surgeon perception towards limiting specific procedures and institutional guidelines: elective cases

ProcedureReporting procedure should be limited* (%)Reporting institution currently limits* (%)
Vascular access device removal5448
Chest wall reconstruction5141
Asymptomatic inguinal hernia6168
Asymptomatic infant inguinal hernia5160
Anorectal malformation reconstruction following diversion5854
Hirschsprung disease reconstruction following diversion5959
Inflammatory bowel disease reconstruction following diversion5556
Enterostomy closure5751
Breast lesion excision (ie, fibroadenoma)4340
Branchial cleft cyst/sinus excision5858
Thyroglossal duct cyst excision5457
Bariatric surgery3854
Splenectomy for hematological disease3050
Cholecystectomy for biliary colic4152
Repair of asymptomatic choledochal cyst4553
  • *For each procedure, percentages include only facilities that report they perform that procedure.