Table 1

Results highlighting demography, preoperative and intraoperative factors

VariableObserved value
Total IPT repairs238
Total patients, n190
Male/female, n135/55
Mean age (year)*8.78±3.82 (2–17)
Right:left:bilateral defect, n87:51:52
Average duration of surgery
 Unilateral cases (min)*36.4±5.4 
 Bilateral cases (min)*51.2±7.6 
Mean postoperative hospital stay (day)1 
Bilateral cases, n (%)52 (27.4)
Clinical/radiological, n (%)21 (11)
CPPV in laparoscopy, n (%)31 (18.3)
  • *Data are presented with mean±SD.

  • CPPV, contralateral patent processus vaginalis; IPT, iliopubic tract; SD, standard deviation.