Table 2

The comparison of severity of symptoms and manometric results preintervention and postintervention

VariableToilet training interventionP value
Frequency of defecation per week, mean±SD2.6±1.49.3±2.30.023
Large-diameter stools, n (%)125 (77.6)11 (6.8)0.005
Painful defecation, n (%)100 (62.1)21 (13.1)0.012
Manometry parameters, mean±SD
 Resting pressure (mm Hg)64.47±21.366.61±20.30.472
 RAIR threshold (mm Hg)13.38±7.3811.62±5.020.150
 Peristaltic frequency of distal rectum (/min)9.925±2.2210.547±2.101.102
 Peristalsis amplitude of distal rectum (mm Hg)7.617±4.2215.723±7.110.001
  • RAIR, rectoanal inhibitory reflex; SD, standard deviation.