Table 2

Comparison of the outcome measures in the groups

CharacteristicGroup with routine gastric residual control (n=169)Group without routine gastric residual control (n=122)P value
Days to full enteral intake
(140–150 mL/kg/day)
Days of parenteral nutrition3.56±6.043.59±5.240.91
Sepsis (late sepsis), n (%)26 (15.5)27 (22.1)0.19
NEC ≥ grade 2, n (%)3 (1.8)4 (3.3)0.65
Patent ductus arteriosus10 (5.9)3 (2.5)0.15
IVH (all grades)22 (13.0)21 (17.2)0.32
Duration of invasive mechanical ventilation (days)*1.47±0.501.03±0.160.001
Weight at discharge (g)2103.18±377.902130.26±419.780.61
Duration of nCPAP (days)*3.74±3.426.74±7.980.001
Duration of hospitalization (days)*30.39±23.1325.78±22.390.09
  • *Statistically significant.

  • IVH, intraventricular hemorrhage; nCPAP, nasal continuous positive airway pressure; NEC, necrotizing enterocolitis.