Table 1

Breakdown of inconclusive results by number, type, age at time of procedure and final diagnosis

PatientFirst inconclusive BxSecond inconclusive BxConclusive BxHD diagnosis
1SRBNeonateSRB1 moNegative
2SRBNeonateOSB11 moPositive
3OSB3 yOSB4 yNegative
4SRB2 ySRB2 yOSB2 yPositive
5SRB6 moOSB7 monOSB9 moNegative
6SRB7 yLap Bx7 yPositive
7SRBNeonateImproved clinicallyNegative
8SRB1 moImproved clinicallyNegative
9OSB4 yImproved clinicallyNegative
10SRB6 moImproved clinicallyNegative
  • Bx, biopsy; HD, Hirschsprung’s disease; OSB, open strip biopsy; SRB, suction rectal biopsy.