Table 2

Background characteristics of perinatal period, surgery and length of stay for children who had both neuroimaging and neurodevelopmental follow-up.

DemographicIncluded patients (n=83)
Male gender n (%)49 (59%)
Left-sided hernia n (%)70 (84%)
Mean gestational age at birth±SD (weeks)38.0±2.5
Mean birth weight±SD (g)3009±677
Median age of surgery (days)4 (IQR 2–6)
Patch repair n (%)18 (22%)
Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation n (%)1 (1%)
Median ventilation via endotracheal tube (days)10 (IQR 6–19)
Median supplemental oxygen time (days)13 (IQR 4–27)
Median hospital length of stay (days)29 (IQR 20–43)
Risk of death category*
 Low risk (<10%)27 (33%)
 Intermediate risk (25%)33 (40%)
 High risk (50%)23 (28%)
  • *Risk of death score based on combination of birth weight <1500 g, 5 min Apgar <7, severe pulmonary hypertension on echo, major cardiac anomaly, chromosomal anomaly.25