Table 4

Summary of modified CMUI scoring system (high risk of failed non-operative management when score >9 points)

ItemsScore (points)
Body weight <9 kg0 or 1
Prolonged duration of symptoms (>48 hours)0 or 1
Vomiting0 or 2
Rectal bleeding0 or 2
Abdominal distension0 or 2
Fever (body temperature >37.8°C)0 or 2
Palpable mass of intussusceptum0 or 1
Left-sided location of the intussusceptum0 or 2
Unfavorable ultrasound signs (colonic wall thickening, trapped fluid between bowel loops, ascites, signs of small bowel obstruction and absence of color flow)0 or 2
Hyponatremia (serum sodium <136 mmol/L)0 or 1
  • CMUI, Chiang Mai University Intussusception.